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jeep fever

JeepFever is a serious condition infecting millions of people in America and around the world. Infection happens through direct contact with people who carry the ailment or by the bite of the insect Adventurous Awesomefunnus—also known as the JeepBug. Fortunately, there is no known cure. Your only hope if you contract The Fever is to aggressively treat the symptoms.

How do you get Jeep fever?

Jeep fever is most often acquired by being bitten by the Jeep bug. That can come in many forms. Sometimes it is acquired. Jeep bug is extremely contagious and can be acquired through friendship or acquaintance with people that already are infected. It is most contagious by people who are aggressively treating their symptoms.

The Jeep bug is native to all parts of the world (well most parts of the world.) To prevent contact with the Jeep bug simply stay away from fun excitement adventure or places any of those things might be taking place because a Jeep bug to Jeep bug will is more numerous where those things are taking place. Sometimes one can be bitten. Unexpectedly for instance when shopping for a new vehicle for the family. The unwitting soon to be infected person shopping for the families next minivan at the Chrysler dealer is ambushed by the four-door Jeep on unlimited Wrangler just part just a few cars down from vehicle that he is looking at. At first in the circumstance the infecting is just distracted but as he approaches the Wrangler he can become fully infected within minutes. This is especially true if the infecting is subconsciously harboring and adventurous spirit.

What are the symptoms of Jeep fever?

Desire to be to have more than a humdrum drive to and from work. The itch to go somewhere you you should not or somewhere they said you could not. The sudden urge to experience the great outdoors. It desire to drive a vehicle without a door or a top.

There is no cure!

There is no cure for Jeep fever. Once infected there is nothing to it but to treat the symptoms as best you can. Of course, that is the fun part!

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